I for Implementation!

IBM’s commercials always have an “interest quotient”. The recent Innovation-Man commercial where our I-Man completely forgets about the “I for Implementation” is funny but close to reality. A product development (the sequence can vary based on the product type) goes through the following phases: 1. Market Research/Ideation, 2. Design and Research, 3. Implementation/Execution, 4. Reach-to-market/Sales.

Each step in this process is equally important and often the execution or implementation of ideas is what makes all the difference. This is a common phenomena in software-based products where poor execution screws up a great idea. As Scott Rosenberg aptly describes in his book “Dreaming in Code” – Software is hard; ….it is not like building ships….

The art of meticulous planning for better execution is what distinguishes a great product from a ‘yet-another’ product. Having said that, a key aspect of this execution phase is to be ready to take the outlier road blocks head-on and resolve them with an eye for detail. The journey ‘almost’ never is as you have planned. We often miss the bus on the route and have to rush before it is too late to reach the destination.Implementation is easier said than done – probably that is why we often call this an art!

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