Rebooting my blog

TimReboote flies! As if in a blink of an eye, 18 months have gone by since I wrote a blog post. So much has happened in this time, that I may have enough to write on for a while. In a nutshell, the following were important (in chronological order).

  1. 2009 – My plans to restart my higher education did not quite work out. In the process I realized an education like MBA would not particularly benefit me and would end up adding a financial burden that would hinder my entrepreneurial spirits.
  2. Early 2010 – I started formalizing my ideas towards building a product that would simplify group communication and collaboration. Discussions with friends and seniors were fruitful and early market research indicated a need for this.
  3. March, 2010 – I quit my job at Gridstone, to concentrate on building Samuday and its business model.
  4. April, 2010 – Gridstone Research shuts down and sells its assets. This was not surprising, considering the company was doing poorly as a business. I have my views on the Gridstone story and will write about it shortly. I am afraid some of what I think will not be appreciated by a section of people there, but I will neverthless. Interestingly, today completes a year of Gridstone’s closure.
  5. July, 2010 – Started working on an in-browser communication and collaboration product. I was still alone then. Finding a technology co-founder in Mumbai was tough, considering the strong presence of companies in Finance and the obsession of working for Investment Banks amongst Computer Science graduates.
  6. October, 2010 – Shadab Ahmed, my good friend and ex-colleague from Gridstone joins Samuday as a co-founder and Head of Technology. We had together built several tools and technologies for Gridstone, including the Search product, a distributed document processing environment and all the other thankless work that people shied away from. I was now able to devote some time to business development.
  7. November, 2010 – We decide to start with a free version that allows Facebook users do group video chat with their friends and family.
  8. December, 2010 – Group Video Calling on Facebook goes live. With limited advertisements, we were adding around a user every couple of minutes at peak.
  9. January, 2011 – The group video calling platform stabilizes. We enhance our infrastructure with a distributed architecture for handling cross geography calls.
  10. January, 2011 – We work with our users to draw out the requirements for an integrated communication and collaboration platform that integrates group video calling and collaboration tools (documents, whiteboarding, et al.)
  11. March, 2011 – We deploy an alpha version of uniRow (
  12. April, 2011 – Facebook disables our application in a highly undemocratic manner. We decide to shun Facebook as a platform for all future work, unless Facebook makes its policies consistent and transparent. uniRow gets ready for release. I restart my blog! 🙂

With tons of action, this surely has been a roller coaster ride – it scares you, but thrills you too!

5 thoughts on “Rebooting my blog

    • Sure, we have. Although we are operating in a slightly different space currently, with a focus on optimizing communication and real-time collaboration, and not in the generic CRM/enterprise areas.

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