How many kids in India buy iPad to study?

I am an Indian entrepreneur in more ways than one. I always look around and ask myself – how am I making a change around me? I was in the iStore today morning. An iStore is an Apple retail store chain that is run by Reliance Digital. I saw a woman and her daughter walk in and ask for scratch guards for an iPad and iPod. I asked the girl what does she use the iPad for – browsing or studying. Her answer was prompt (with a look of “is that even a question, who studies with these cool things”) – for general browsing! Ofcourse, this is not a representative sample set and she could just be an outlier.

Now the big question – how many kids in India buy iPads to study? This might be a question that is too early to ask. But what is important is how deep can technology go in making a meaningful impact in learning. I am consciously using the word learning and not education – Education is a mere business, but learning is an experience. The growth of modern technology is a focus on experience. The iPads combined with latest collaboration technologies are bringing in the experience that is critical in delivering a meaningful learning experience.

It is not sufficient to set up a virtual classroom or an expensive enterprise grade software hoping students/learners will “learn”. It is the experience that will make things work – the future is immersive technology that can engage and connect learners and teachers together. Let’s look forward for some innovation in improving the experience.

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