The rise and rise of Apple App Store

Today Nokia released its much publicized Ovi Store and reviews have not been too kind. Nokia expects 3.5 million developers in Forum Nokia ‘creating hundreds of thousands of apps‘. Nokia had originally released Ovi in October 2007 allowing customers to buy music and games. By that time, AAPL had already crossed $600M revenue in it’s ‘other music related product & services‘ segment [AAPL includes sales from iTunes Store in this segment]. This prompted me to look deep into Apple’s numbers around the App store using Gridstone’s SEC & Transcripts Search Engine.

Apple has always maintained an edge on all its peers, far and close, and grown consistently. The number of iPhone Apps hosted on the Apple App Store has grown QoQ: 900 (Jul 08); 5500 (Oct 08); 15000 (Jan 09); 35000 (Apr 09).

The July 2008 pricing outline for the app store cited “90% of the apps being priced at less than $10”. Considering 1 billion app downloads over 9 months, Apple would have sold 900 million paid apps over last 9 months. As of today, the top 10 downloaded paid apps on Apple App Store averages to $1 – translating to a whopping $900M revenue in the 9 months period and a yearly $1.2B revenue from Apple App Store. Even if we take a slightly conservative approach and put the number of paid apps to 2/3rd of its 2008 ratio, it would still be $800M of yearly revenue!

Where did Apple report all these numbers? In it’s April 09 10Q Apple reports a $1.2B (6 month ended) of sales from it’s software, service and other sales segment. This includes ‘sales of Apple-branded operating system, application software, third-party software, AppleCare, and Internet services’ and probably includes revenue from the App store. Apple is probably going to make close to $250M revenues from the App store in coming quarters, which is incredible!

[update 27/05/2009] I noticed that the valuations going around on the the internet seem to be between $20-40M in one case ( and an excess of $500M yearly revenue in another ( The devil is in the details. Nobody seems to have an estimate of how many paid apps are actually downloaded. The answer (or approximately so) is embedded in AAPL’s July 2008 transcript where it has announced around around 90% of the apps to be paid and priced below $10. Even if this number has changed, it probably will not be very different.

Which companies are impacted by swine flu?

The swine flu epidemic (leading to a pandemic) has terrified the world. It’s impact can be felt across industries – with travel and hospitality being the worst hit. I tried to see which companies report a hit in performance because of swine flu. Using Gridstone’s Search Engine, I searched for swine flu. Here is a sneak-peak of the results:

Search results for swine flu using Gridstone Search

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Gridstone Search – a SEC filings and transcripts search engine

Gridstone Search for SEC documents and Transcripts

Gridstone Search for SEC documents and Transcripts

Gridstone Search ( is avilable as beta for all the information seekers who have to sieve through SEC documents and company transcripts. Gridstone Search is now loaded with EDGAR filed documents (includes the five most important filing types – 10K, 6K, 10Q, 8K and 14A) starting 2007 and Transcripts provided by Seeking Alpha (through a unique partnership). Continue reading