The case of the "Bonsai Manager"

The case of the bonsai manager – sometime later in 2007 I got a chance to read this wonderful book by R. Gopalakrishnan. In this interesting book, Gopalakrishnan derives inspiration from nature to motivate managerial thoughts and growth stories.

I have never been a ‘manager’ myself – except from being a lead on some projects and choreographing some dances – enjoying most of both the challenges. An interesting note for me is a strong correlation between dance troupes and product development teams; or any team for that matter.

There always is a delicate balance between discipline, passion and co-operation. An inspiring choreographer/manager can identify personality-role mappings; resolve conflicts; respects group and individual priorities and discourages negative energies. McKinsey Quarterly (4, 2007) discusses radical change in organisations and mentions the need to remove negative energies. Negative energies often creep into leadership personalities creating a gang of cynics. This is the birth of the bonsai manager – the growth has just been stunted! Continue reading

Age of the Wikimania: the importance of online collaboration


The Web 2.0 and the easy access to bandwidth has ushered in some new paradigms in collaboration. The rise of the wikipedia (in general the open source wiki frameworks such as mediawiki) and P2P frameworks have transformed knowledge sharing in the open-source (or should i say open-knowledge) world.

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